Company History

The Company was started in April 1946 by Ernest Button primarily undertaking nickel and chrome plating for X Ray Equipment. A reputation for quality and service was soon established and a loyal work force began to grow. By 1953, the Coronation year, Harold Button (Ernest’s son) had joined the Company and introduced the Defence Standard of quality control undertaking ministry orders for fighting vehicles. In 1959 the Company took over a Silversmithing Company (Plumbridges) and incorporated silver plating and repairs for the jewellery and flatware markets. By the beginning of the 1970’s the Company was servicing over 200 outlets for repair silversmithing gaining a formidable reputation for high quality and expertise in this specialised market.

The collapse of the silver bullion market during the early 80’s brought about the demise of this area of the Company and a restructuring brought about by the introduction of Keith and Kevin Button (Harold’s sons) saved the Company from failing completely. British Standards quality control was adopted for the electroplating and metal finishing services and a move to the current factory-site enabled new plant and equipment to put London and Brighton Plating back on the map.

A diverse range of plating and finishing services was developed with the expertise of the staff and management allowing the Company to take-over several local competitors.(Brighthove Plating Co, Electrochrome Plating Co, RJB Plating Co, Horley Plating Co.)

By the late nineties The Company was producing sales of £1million +

The Millennium saw the introduction of Stefan de Lillis as Production Director and the complete modernisation of the processing areas to meet future demands was begun.

The modernisation has allowed the company to comply with all current regulations. In particular the RoHS directive (Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2008)

We have successfully implemented AS9100-2009 with certification achieved in August 2016.

After more than 40 years of service Kevin Button retired in 2017 and Keith Button in 2020. The company continues successfully with Stefan de Lillis at the helm as Managing Director.